When is a Dental Deep Cleaning Ever Really Necessary?

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dental deep cleaning ever really necessary

A lot of people do not appreciate a trip to the dentist, but we all know it is necessary for maintaining your oral health. The health of our gums and teeth is linked to our overall health. If you have been neglecting your oral system for quite some time, a standard cleaning may not be enough to ensure optimal dental health. Your Red Deer dentist may recommend a dental deep cleaning.

At Gaetz, with our years of experience in the industry, we can help you identify if this procedure is necessary for your situation. We encourage you to discuss all your oral health matters with your dentist during your visit. Here’s why you should never skip your dental cleaning :

An Overview of Deep Dental Cleanings in Red Deer

A deep dental cleaning will be more intensive compared to your standard dental cleaning. Regular cleanings will mostly include flossing and brushing the teeth, cleaning the gum lines, and checking for any signs of possible dental problems. However, during an advanced gum problem, standard cleaning will no longer be enough to deal with the root of the issue.

A dental deep cleaning includes the removal of harmful debris, tartar, and bacterial buildup in our gums and teeth. Without removal, tartar deposits can lead to bacterial infection in our mouth and may progress to more severe oral disease.

When Would You Need a Dental Deep Cleaning?

Dental deep cleanings in Red Deer will be recommended once the X-ray results show signs of bone loss. The dentist may also recommend this procedure when the comprehensive dental exam shows gum pockets that have a depth of more than 4mm. Dental cleanings can ensure that your dentist will not need to conduct a more comprehensive, expensive, and complicated procedure.

To understand if you need a dental deep cleaning, your dentist will use a probe to check for the presence of gum pockets and measure their depth. Once the pocket is more than 4mm deep, this is considered a sign of a periodontal problem that requires deep cleaning. If there is inflammation in our gums for a prolonged period, it is also a possible sign of a dental problem.

How Much Does It Cost?

Not a lot of people will acquire this procedure since they are worried about the cost. A standard dental cleaning may cost around $100 but can be lower. Also, your dental insurance should cover the cost. Dental deep cleanings offered by your dental clinic in Red Deer will cost around $300 to clean the plaque and tartar deposits and polish your tooth enamel.

The Benefits of a Dental Deep Cleaning

According to the latest survey, around 47% of people ages 30 and above have some form of gum disease. Dental deep cleanings offer a range of benefits. Here are some of them:

Enhance Your Overall Health: A lot of clinical studies have proven that dental health is related to our overall health. It has been discovered that dental problems can increase the risk of cardiovascular disease and stroke. Deep cleaning treatment can significantly reduce the probability that a severe ailment will develop. Also, this can help in diagnosing oral disease while it is still at an early stage. The curability of oral cancers can increase to more than 80% if they have been diagnosed early.

Avoid Tooth Loss: Plaque buildup is commonly the cause of gum disease. Consequently, gum disease can lead to tooth loss. By removing the plaque through a dental cleaning in Red Deer, you can ensure that your teeth will remain intact.

Enhance Your Smile: A beautiful smile can improve others’ impressions of us. Our culture has placed a great emphasis on sparkly white teeth. However, with daily habits like drinking tea or coffee, smoking, etc., keeping your teeth white can be a struggle.
By performing a deep cleaning at our dental clinic in Red Deer regularly, you will be able to maintain your beautiful smile.

Most dentists will recommend this treatment at least once every year. However, it would be more beneficial if you develop the habit of receiving a dental check-up and dental cleaning every six months. Furthermore, for those who have a family history of gum disease and oral problems, it is highly likely that you will need a dental deep cleaning in Red Deer on a more regular basis to eliminate the development or the reoccurrence of these dental issues. Do not hesitate to ask your dentist how often you should endure this procedure.