What to Expect After Professional Teeth Whitening

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what to expect after professional teeth whitening

Your teeth become stained and discoloured over time. A number of things, including medications, food, aging, and smoking, might contribute to this tooth discoloration. To remove stains from your teeth and make your smile more vibrant, consider getting professional teeth whitening from a Red Deer dentist.

Here are some things you might anticipate if you’re thinking of getting teeth whitening to have a white, appealing smile.

Treatments for Teeth Whitening

There are many levels to the intensity of teeth whitening in Red Deer including their cost and efficiency, which vary widely. They consist of:

  • The least expensive but least effective choice is stain-removing toothpaste.
  • Although they typically perform better than toothpaste, over-the-counter whitening strips and pastes do not have the same clinical strength of whitener as a professional treatment.
  • Therapies provided by a dentist at home, which typically require numerous visits.
  • The most noticeable outcome can be achieved with in-office bleaching, which typically only requires one visit.

The process of bleaching teeth involves applying either hydrogen peroxide or carbamide peroxide to the tooth’s surface. These bleaches work by concentrating on stains and dissolving them, bringing out the colour of the teeth. As a result, your teeth will seem brighter and whiter.

Your teeth are more prone to discoloration and deterioration at this point. Eating these foods prevents the results of the whitening treatment and boosts the risk of long-term tooth damage.

Consider other items you may put in your mouth that could leave stains as well. Avoid using coloured toothpaste, e-cigarettes and tobacco, including other food choices.

What Can You Expect After Teeth Whitening?

After your teeth whitening near you is finished, you can notice a slight increase in tooth sensitivity for one to two days. The soreness is brought on by the treatments active ingredient, which includes hydrogen peroxide. In addition to offering over-the-counter pain relievers, your dentist advises avoiding hot and cold foods and beverages to help you enjoy the result for a long time. For some patients, the discomfort is of greater concern. A take-home whitening regimen is offered by your dentist because it uses less hydrogen peroxide.

Furthermore, for a few hours after your appointment, your gums can sting or appear a little discoloured. However, there is no reason to panic, as it will go away soon, and you’ll feel better in one to two days. However, if the pain continues, you must consult your dentist right away.

How to Maintain White Teeth After Treatment

The effects of teeth-whitening depend on what you do right away. The first twenty-four hours following treatment are crucial. Along with the recommendations from your dentist near you, the following instructions for post-treatment care should be followed:

  • Avoid consuming beverages, including coffee, fruit juice, red wine, dark sodas, beer, and black tea, that cause stains on clothing.
  • Avoid meals like soy sauce,  chocolate, cured meats, and all other types of fruit that leave black stains.
  • Avoid using coloured mouthwash or toothpaste, such as red or blue.
  • No smoking; however, moderate e-cigarette use is acceptable.
  • The regeneration of the layer takes 24 hours; therefore, the 48 hours after the operation are crucial to the endurance of the whitening. Consider the above advice.

Here are some pointers for continuous care:

  • After consuming anything that stains, you should immediately brush your teeth with water or white toothpaste.
  • Maintain an oral hygiene regimen that includes brushing, mouth washing, and flossing every morning and evening.
  • If you smoke or consume a lot of dark beverages, you should think about touch-ups every six months or so for optimal effects.

Get Started on Your New Smile,

To ensure that the effects of teeth whitening persist for a long time, maintain proper oral hygiene, consume a healthy diet, and schedule an appointment with our Gaetz Dental every six months. Call us to make an appointment and to learn more!