Top 8 Foods to Help Whiten Your Teeth

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top 8 foods to help whiten your teeth

One of the most common cosmetic treatments patients seek to enhance their smiles is teeth whitening. A bright, youthful-looking smile has long been a symbol of healthy teeth, and many patients want to achieve this look. Professional teeth whitening in Red Deer and many over-the-counter products can lighten teeth stains and discoloration, but most patients are unaware that natural remedies that can help whiten their smile are also available.

Booking an in-office teeth whitening appointment near you will ensure the safest and most effective results. However, some natural remedies, such as specific foods, have teeth whitening qualities that can help whiten your teeth.

To help whiten your smile, add the following foods to your diet:

1) Strawberries

Although strawberries have a powerful bright color, they are rich in malic acid. This acid will help break down any discoloration present on the outer layer of your smile and brighten your teeth. Strawberries also help remove debris and unwanted stains.

This small but powerful fruit is also rich in vitamin C, which helps reduce the oxidation of cells in your teeth and gums that could cause your teeth to appear aged.

2) Seeds and nuts

These can help strip any discoloration and plaque from your teeth. Their texture is ideal for scraping away any plaque that can contribute to stains as well as removing residue that can negatively affect your enamel. Nuts are also rich in calcium, which helps maintain your teeth and bone strong and healthy.

3) Pineapples

The bromelain enzymes in this tropical fruit aid in the removal of the discoloration. This enzyme breaks down stain-causing plaque naturally, leaving your smile looking brighter.

4) Apples

These fruits contain fibre and many vitamins that are good for your general health. Like strawberries, their high level of malic acid can help treat stains and brighten your smile.

5) Dairy

Milk contains a high-level of calcium which, in turn, contributes to the health of your teeth and bones. For its teeth whitening properties, milk is rich in lactic acid and casein, which minimizes stains, lightens your enamel and protects your smile from future discoloration.

6) Onions

Although it may be hard to believe this vegetable can help with whitening, it contains sulphur, which prevents plaque from forming. By helping your teeth stray clear from excessive plaque, onions can help prevent stains from manifesting in the first place.

7) Broccoli

The structure of broccoli is ideal for brushing away any additional plaque and helping break down teeth stains. This vegetable does not contain any chemicals that help with teeth whitening, but they are a great addition to a patient’s diet to help keep their teeth free from plaque.

8) Shiitake Mushrooms

These mushrooms are popular since they contain a sugar called lentinan. This can help prevent plaque buildup on the surface of your smile that can cause discoloration and stains. The mushroom will also help develop bacteria that can cause oral issues.

Don’t Forget to Maintain a Good Oral Hygiene Routine

Although these foods can enhance the aesthetic of your smile and reduce stains, they may benefit patients who maintain a good oral hygiene routine better than those who do not. Patients should brush their teeth at least twice and day and floss once. You should also be booking a visit to a dentist near you for professional cleanings and checkups twice a year to promote your oral health. Taking outstanding care of your smile is the first step to achieving brighter, youthful-looking teeth.

If you are interested in learning more about teeth whitening near you or other cosmetic treatments to enhance your smile, contact our staff at Gaetz Dental Clinic. We will be happy to welcome you into our home and help you achieve your ideal smile!