Self-Care Tips Following Root Canal Treatment

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self care tips following root canal treatment

When you have damaged teeth or are infected by conditions like cavities, certain treatment procedures should be undertaken to solve the problem. Root canal therapy near you is a procedure that can be used to treat such diseases. It involves removing the pulp, cleaning, filling and resealing the affected area.

The term root canal treatment derives from the procedure which involves cleaning the canals of the affected tooth’s roots.  First and foremost, it is essential to visit a dental clinic near you first so that he or she can assess your condition and determine if you require root canal treatment. You should also understand the steps involved in this procedure which involve the following:

  • An X-ray is taken first
  • Local anesthesia is then applied to the affected tooth if a root canal is required
  • A pulpectomy is performed to clear the disease
  • Filling and sealing the affected tooth

As you can see, root canal treatment is not that complicated but you should prioritize post-surgery care of the affected area to prevent further infections. The following are some helpful tips that can help you maintain the affected area post-procedure.

Tips for self-care

Following successful root canal treatment, it is crucial to pay regular visits to a dentist near you to learn more about continued treatment and maintenance. Unprecedented complications may arise after a root canal treatment so you must prevent these by visiting your dentist who can constantly monitor your healing progress.

Use a soft-bristled toothbrush

After undergoing root canal treatment, you should always practice good oral hygiene by brushing and flossing your teeth daily especially after meals to prevent plaque build-up. When cleaning your teeth, you should practice gentle brushing whereby you use a soft-bristled toothbrush that does not irritate the affected tooth.

You can also use a therapeutic mouthwash when cleaning your mouth since it eliminates bacteria without irritating the affected tooth. Water flossers also help to keep the teeth clean while at the same time preventing potential problems.

Do not exert pressure on the tooth

You should try to minimize pressure on the affected tooth as much as possible. After root canal treatment, your tooth remains exposed until such a period when a crown is placed on top to protect it. You should avoid chewing on the side of the affected tooth.

It is also important to eat soft foods after undergoing root canal surgery. Hard foods can disturb the tooth which can result in further damage. This can also result in the loss of the tooth. You can learn more about root canal therapy near you by visiting your dental clinic in Red Deer.

Treat discomfort when necessary

You are bound to experience some discomfort after root canal treatment and this is common. However, you can use pain relievers to reduce discomfort and pain. If the post-surgery pain is intense or it is persistent, then you should immediately visit your dentist in Red Deer to avoid the development of a serious problem.

Modern-day oral surgeries are designed to minimize pain as much as possible. However, post-surgery pain cannot be completely prevented.

Get a crown for the tooth

Root canal treatment generally weakens the structure of the tooth since the interior is thoroughly cleaned. Therefore, a crown is vital to protect the tooth while at the same time strengthening it so that you can use it naturally like any other tooth.

If you want more information about root canal therapy in Red Deer, you can visit a dentist near you. Root canal treatment is designed to solve problems related to damaged or infected teeth. After the surgery, you should follow the above self-care tips to allow the affected tooth to heal completely.