Dental Crowns and Bridges Can Make You Feel Complete

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dental crowns and bridges can make you feel complete

Do you feel anxious about your smile? Or do you feel too shy to express yourself and showcase happiness in pictures as a result of missing teeth? If your answer to all of these is yes, then you should consider visiting a clinic that specializes in dental bridges near you. Dental bridges help to bridge or close the gaps left in your smile as a result of missing teeth. They are false teeth held in position by dental crowns attached to abutment teeth. If you live in Red Deer, you may consult or schedule an appointment with a dentist in Red Deer for more information about this procedure.

Gaps: Why Are They a Problem?

Missing teeth are sometimes unavoidable and the gaps they leave behind tend to have different effects on people. Missing teeth can often distort confidence or cause people to feel embarrassed. This is because they sometimes bring pronunciation challenges with them, leaving people with missing teeth feeling uneasy when speaking in public or too shy to showcase their smile. This may lead to hesitation when the need to speak arises. Your smile is never something that you should have to compromise or give up. After all, it’s your most important feature! Tooth loss can plague your life, but it doesn’t have to. You aren’t hopeless and you must recognize that you have more control over the matter than you may believe. Now is the time to speak with your dentist in Red Deer.

Missing teeth can also cause eating to be more challenging and difficult. Gaps left in the teeth can make biting and chewing food seem like an onerous task and a source of frustration. This may even cause you to give up your best meals as you begin to enjoy food less. However, by filling the gaps with a bridge or crown, you can restore the beauty of your smile, eat, and enjoy your meals naturally again. Despite the fact that they are false teeth, dental crowns and bridges look just like real teeth, as they are made from porcelain.

Smile Restoration and Rebuilding

Confused in regards to what you can do about your missing teeth? All hope isn’t lost. Dental bridges and crowns give you options and you should visit a dentist near you for clarification on which option is best for you. Dental bridges can fill the gaps in your smile adequately. There are four types of bridges, and traditional bridges which are mostly deployed, are held in place by attaching outer crowns to surrounding teeth. This allows the inner crowns to fill the space and make your smile complete again.

How to choose between bridges and Implants? Another option may be to get an implant-aided crown. An implant-aided crown doesn’t require any attachment to the surrounding teeth near the gap in your teeth. The dental implant takes the place of the root of the missing tooth. This gives it a very real look and increases its stability, making it quite similar to having regrown a tooth. If you are missing multiple teeth, it’s advisable to consult a dentist near you or check out facilities offering dental crowns near you. Implant-aided bridges are usually recommended if you have multiple missing teeth. Having multiple implants in your jaw helps you to place a dental bridge in your preferred position.

Nothing compares to the joy patients have on their faces when they look in the mirror to find a beautiful and restored smile. Dental crowns and bridges can help you restore and rediscover your beautiful smile, giving your erstwhile dwindling confidence a huge boost.