A Guide to Invisalign

a guide to invisalign

It is natural to wish for a beautiful smile but shudder at the thought of wearing braces that are metal bands and brackets inside your mouth. While it is true in most cases, that there is no gain without pain, achieving a dazzling smile may not be one of them.

Invisalign consists of clear aligners for your teeth to straighten and align. They provide you with a straight smile just like braces, that people used back in the good old days, only more aesthetically and painlessly!


With the wonders of technology in dentistry, Invisalign is a solution for teeth that have the following issues:

o   Underbite

o   Overbite

o   Crooked teeth

o   Gaps between teeth

o   Overcrowded teeth

Made out of clear, resilient, plastic material called SmartTrack, Invisalign is worn over natural teeth to move them into their ideal position over a period of 6 months to 2 years.


When you visit a dentist near you for Invisalign, these are the steps involved:

  1. Assessment – Firstly, the dentist will have to ascertain through an oral examination of your mouth, whether this treatment will work for you. Then, after they are sure of the viability of this process, they will use cutting-edge technology called iTero, to obtain a 3D image of your mouth. Using this image, your Red Deer dentist will devise a plan for your treatment. This technology also allows you to have a sneak peek into your new smile showing perfectly aligned teeth!
  2. Invisalign tray – At your next visit, your dentist will be able to give you your first Invisalign tray. This is a customized dental tray made with accuracy for the aligning process. As your teeth begin to shift into their desired positions, you will be given a new tray every two weeks. You are required to wear the Invisalign tray for at least 20 hours in a day for optimum results. They can be taken off during eating or for oral cleaning.
  3. Final retainers – Over a period of time ranging between 6 months to 2 years, depending upon how you respond to treatment, you can stop wearing Invisalign. At this point, your dentist will ask you to use retainers to keep the newly aligned teeth in place. You can go out and flaunt your new smile to the world!


At present, there are two popular treatments for issues regarding misaligned teeth – traditional metal braces, and clear aligners aka Invisalign. To decide which method works best for you, consider these points –

  • For people who have to appear presentable in their daily lives working in industries such as entertainment, braces might be an impediment. Thinking aesthetically, Invisalign is a better option as it works discreetly without causing you to smile less!
  • Another consideration is the duration of the treatment. Generally, it is felt by dentists that Invisalign tends to work faster than braces. The reason behind that could be the fact that Invisalign is derived from the latest inventions in the science of cosmetic dentistry.
  • Convenience and comfort in using Invisalign are definitely much higher as it does not cut or damage your gums and can be taken off while eating and brushing.

With the full knowledge of how Invisalign works to correct the alignment of your teeth, visit Gaetz Dental offering you the best solution for Invisalign near you! Our dental clinic offers Invisalign in Red Deer and our dentist will be happy to discuss this treatment at a scheduled consultation.